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Originally Posted Dec. 3rd, 2010 ~

So, I might have gotten myself a Christmas present already and was so excited about it I took it to Starbucks to show Donna who so kindly felt bad for me as I seriously wrenched my back and she offered to buy me a Starbucks in Auburn. All of this today. She came back to the house afterwards to see the dirty horses and wanted to see the Christmas present on Summer. O M G....I LEFT it in the Safeway on a counter next to the self checkout. I was so keyed up with my back and walking like a 90 yr old I forgot it!! I thought I was going to VOMIT!!!!! Vomitus. Right there in the pasture. Suddenly my back wasn't so messed up as I ran to the computer to google the store's number and call them. Thank God they had it and I wouldn't have to explain to anyone (T) why I was ordering another one. Not that I could at this point! Her stuff is not cheap!!


(This is not the exact bridle, as this has a sidepull on it, but same color and type of browband.) 

So, here we go. This is the photo from the website. Amanda Taylor ( is originally a fashion designer and also rides endurance. She said she just wanted something really pretty on her horse when she rode. She and a bunch of other people! Apparently my headstall and breastplate will be featured in the Dec. issue of the Modern Arabian "Fashion" Issue. So cool. I'd love to work for a magazine again and especially for a top notch Arabian Horse mag! The pictures/type and layouts are always so classy.

This is the style. Pretty color also.

And then....the pictures get worse from here.


The bling has hearts on it. Amanda asked if I wanted hearts. I said "Of course!!".


Dirty, filthy Summer. The bit is not attached yet. What I love about this headstall is I can easily take off the browband/bit attachment and have a strong halter at rides. The material is called "Beta" and very strong, easy to clean and feels like leather. Great for when your horse is sweaty and being sponged at water stops & vet checks. 


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