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Summer In Margaritaville

Originally Posted February 17, 2011 ~


Summer had a triple margarita today at the large animal clinic in Loomis. She's not the best eater and one thing she needs to do is EAT if I want to keep her in top shape for endurance. So, we made an appointment with an equine dentist to have her checked out. For the most part, her back molars didn't look too bad, but supposedly she had her teeth floated last year. The problem with most vets who float teeth, they don't specialize in it which is where an equine dentist comes in. Since I told this guy I haven't done my 20 yr olds ever, he kinda glared at me like...."Whatever ~ maybe they're fine now, but they might one day not be ~ then you'll be sorry because they will just fall over and die." Well, he didn't exactly word it like that but it did make me nervous about my own teeth. I floss everyday. Really.

Anyway, he worked on her front teeth which were badly aligned. I tell you, those power tools are something!! Just sawing off slivers of her front teeth.....OmGod............I was all freaked out!!

Nice ass....mine could be so nice if I didn't like to eat so much and ride her up the hills instead of walk myself.....

She is a gorgeous animal. I had a friend come by the other day and see her and he said 
"My that's some 'gadget' you have there.". LOVE that!! Gadget. Hahahahahahaha......"I'm going to ride my gadget now."

Here she was SNORING.......never heard that from a horse before. The dentist said it was because of her hanging her head so low. That's what I tell T. "Get your head off of the ground and stop snoring!" Every night we go thru this.

There is a bit of concern with her, as when I first brought Summer in the treatment area, she had quite a bit of foam come out of her mouth. I have seen this periodically, though not often. Sometimes when we're riding. He was concerned, as apparently that isn't normal, so I had the vet draw some blood to make sure things were ok there. If she continues to be a poor eater, I might have to have her checked for either gastric ulcers or enteroliths (stones in the stomach). Arabian horses are more prone to this, especially if they eat mostly alfalfa, which probably has been her main diet most of her life. Soooooo......the next few days will tell if I need to have her checked further. Funna funna.....I guess when you get more animals, there are more chances of having more vet bills. I went YEARS without seeing a vet, especially for my horses.

So this is the most interesting thing I have to share with you at this point. T & I are still so sad about Zoe, but it's just part of all of this life. Maybe she'll send us another blackie when puppies come.......my mind is working on that ~ 



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