Tevis Is 12 Days Away.....
A Very Important "Final" Ride


Originally Posted July 13, 2010 ~

842 no halter
Here's one of the photos Sue took of Baby Kh..?? She did some photoshop work on it. Nice job Sue! Below is the original photo. I just love Photoshop. BUT, not so good if you're looking at stud dogs/horses and haven't seen them in person....you know..."I thought that dog had a straight topline/dark eye/clean lipline....."

IMG_0842 nose fixed 2  

Too bad I couldn't be posting her new name here....though, her registered name is going to be WDA Fadjurz FireKhracker. (WDA stands for Wind Dancing Arabians. Geeezzz....I might have to design my logo now.)

Aura and her are getting a new corral & shelter today. They're in Ali'i's temporary corral (for rides, LIKE Tevis) so that ain't gonna work for long. Tony graded the spot last night with his Bobcat. Men and big equipment. LOVE IT!!


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