Ali'i's First Multi-Day Ride ~ Oh, & Mine Too!!

Our First Multi-Day ~ 100 Miles Completed!!!!

Originally posted May 03, 2010



Khemali'i and I finished our first Multi-Day at the 17th Annual Washoe Valley Endurance Ride. We rode 50 miles on Sat. and 50 on Sunday. I now only need to qualify for Tevis with one more 50 mile ride ~ if everything goes as planned. 

Washoe Valley might be one of my favorite desert places because of the sage, the views and it's so close to Lake Tahoe. The weather was wonderful, though the first night Tony & I were very cold, even wrapped up in the Toy Hauler with 7 dogs and snuggled underneath our down comforter. In the mornings, it was chilly, Saturday, more than Sunday, but by 2-3 hours into the ride, I was in a short sleeved shirt.


Ali'i vetted in Friday afternoon. All endurance rides are heavily monitored by veterinarians. Horses have to be vetted in before the race, and several times during, depending on the length of race. Then, they have a final check within an hour of finishing. Ali'i's so unsuspecting....Here you can see our number on his butt and the "L" is for Lightweight. Now you can google what my weight might be!!!

Here's Donna's set-up. We were camped at the same place in Aug. of '08 when we rode the 25 together. Nice campsites and LOTS of SAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Some of the collies. T was my crew and dog walker. He was AMAZING!!!!! He also got to hang out with Donna's husband Fred. I understand they drove into town for a Starbucks or two!! Sissies!!!!

Ali'i, T and Fred. Fred is very funny. He also assured me he's the type of person to never help someone move. Good thing we're hopefully living in the same place for the rest of our lives. He looks intense here. Like you wouldn't ask him to help you move.

Nighty night!!!!

WashoeOutFirst50 5-10
We're off by almost 7 am Saturday morning. Start time was 6:30 but Janine rarely starts with the pack, except I think, Tevis, which you have no choice. Our first loop was 25 miles and started up hill. My idea of a great start. The short story is: Ali'i was a jerk and I didn't have fun.  Out of the 50 miles we did on Sat. he was nice to ride on about 10 of it. I was so upset I didn't even want to ride on Sunday. I felt like I was riding in the Kentucky Derby with a pretty little 14.2 + arabian.

Getting ready to start our second loop after a one hour hold. That was 21 miles. Lots of hills (thank God for our hill training) and gorgeous views of the Washoe Valley, Carson City and the Eastern High Sierra. And SAGE!!!!!!!! You can never had too much sage.

We rode most of those mountains behind us on Saturday & Sunday, though it really only shows a portion of the mileage.

Here we are coming back in after 50 miles. I am smiling. In a cranky kind of way. 

Don't make me do this again tomorrow!!!!!!

This is my Official Ride Photograph from Saturday (Gore/Baylor Photography). This is in about the first 10 miles, so Ali'i still had a couple of baby bucks to give me. I smile but inside I'm pretty annoyed. He is very handsome in a Kentucky Derby kind of way. 

T glued on the EasyBoot Glove Glue-Ons with Adhere. This was our first time doing it (though I had a half-assed experience with it when Donna and I rode Tour de Washooo 25 Miler in '08. That one doesn't count.) Anyway, we were not sure if everything was going to go well, but T did an fantastic job and I couldn't have been happier. I also am signed up for EasyCare's 2010 Hoof Boot Contest. For every mile my horse rides in Easyboots (2 or 4 boots), EasyCare gives back 25 cents to AERC (American Endurance Ride Conference). This helps to fund AERC's regular operating expenses. Pretty cool concept.

Final vet check and time for dinner!!!!! I think I had already downed one strong 7 & 7!! Thank you T!!!! 

Joe Larkin, our club president took this photo! Thanks Joe! I guess I really made an impression on him on how I NEEDED this photo by 8 am Monday morning!!! Hahaha!!! He had taken one of us in front of the bathrooms. I told him no no.....sage brush is better. Donna also took several and got them to me early today. THANK YOU BOTH!!!! 

Time for beddie....Polo wraps courtesy of Janine. My tired Christmas horsey.

Some collies. Lana in the Toy Hauler sleeping and Zoe looking out.

A Parker, somewhere in there.

Saturday night I didn't get to sleep til 1 am. I was very disturbed about my little Kentucky Derby horsey. I didn't want to spend another 50 miles in his mouth. When I finally got to sleep I dreamt that I had to be at Janine's set-up at 6:35 am. (True.) At 6 am (in the dream) I still hadn't gotten dressed. Should I wear my fluffy riding pants or my light-weight ones? Oh no, it's 6:15 and I still needed to put on my Ariat All-Terrains, make-up (ALWAYS) and tack up my horse. It's 6:25 and all of a sudden there are cameras following me around for a reality TV show. WTF????????????!!!!!!!! They were in the Toy Hauler, then following me around Ali'i's pen as I'm trying to get him out. It was soooooooo stressful!!! I finally had to tell these Yahoos to leave me alone! Go film someone else ~ Come back later if you want!!!! It was worse because now I had 3 minutes to tack up and get over to Janine's!! BLAHHHHHHHHGGGGGG!!!!! I woke up. I needed another 7 & 7 and it was only 5 am!!! I was doing a lot of praying!!!! 

Sunday's Official Ride Photograph (Gore/Baylor). My horse looks so PRETTY!! I look like a dork! And here I thought this helmet was more becoming. I don't feel really bad because most everyone looks like a dork with a helmet. But, I'm ok with a brain saver. Washoe Lake is in the background. We're probably 5500-6000' elevation. Again, about 10 miles into our first loop. We had 25 miles, vet check, one hour hold, 18 miles, vet check, 15 min hold, then a fast and fun 7 mile loop. Ali'i was wonderful the second day. We still had some problems going downhill with him trying to rate his speed. It felt a little like driving my Toy Hauler down a big grade and you have to put the van in 2nd to keep off the brakes. Our 2nd gear isn't there yet, nor are his brakes.

Both days we left 30 minutes late and as far as I could tell, we were the last riders out. The second day on the second loop, there was a very LONG grade uphill. I want to say it was close to 3 miles. We passed 7 riders on the way up, mainly because Janine's horses WALK so fast uphill, downhill, or on the flat. I was so impressed because we picked them off and didn't see those riders for hours. 2 riders kept trotting in front of us whenever we got close, but their horses eventually slowed way down and we didn't see them til the last 7 mile loop when we were finishing and they were just going out 40 minutes later.

Out of both rides, we finished (I think) 25th & 26th on Saturday. 53 horses started and 49 finished. On Sunday, we finished 11th & 12th with 33 riders starting.

Our final trot-out/vet check. Ali'i's scores were excellent. An occasional "B", but mostly "A's". 

Someone fix my hair!! OMG!!!

This is my favorite photo!! Someone is TIRED!! I'm filling out my EasyCare Hoof Boot Verification Form. Janine & Mini Bull are standing by to hear the vet's comments. She was very proud of how strong Ali'i is and even though we have some work to do in a few areas, she thinks he's a good, good horse. His issues are minor compared to others she works with. 


My pretty amazing horse, my handsome boyfriend. He was the man this weekend. Walking dogs, shoving eletrolytes in my horse's mouth. And bringing me food & drink, AND replacing the deep cell batteries in the Toy Hauler. I LOVE YOU T!!!  

Ready for our almost 2 1/2 hour drive home. One thing I won't do again is slather my entire legs and feet with mineral ice before hopping into bed. There was more icy pain with that than riding 100 miles!! 45 minutes after that stupid move, and moaning, but not in a good way. I finally fell asleep.

Another amazing weekend.



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