Ok.....I Give........
Our First Multi-Day ~ 100 Miles Completed!!!!

Ali'i's First Multi-Day Ride ~ Oh, & Mine Too!!

Originally posted April 29, 2010


Isn't he just so handsome??????????? He's almost shed out and looking very muscley!!!! (We might name our place "The Muscley Ranch" ~ Hehehe....) I bought a new bottle of Advil because I think doing 50 miles on Saturday, then waking up early to do it again on Sunday sounds really insane. I spent a lot of money at the market and bought nothing but comfort food. For me and for T, because he'll be stuck at the Toy Hauler with all the dogs for 12 hours each day. He loves me. Donna's husband will be there too, doing the same thing. Eating, taking care of dogs & waiting for us. T also glued on Ali'i's EasyBoot Gloves this afternoon, so I'm sure I'll have plenty to say about those. (WHAT a process!!) Either they come off after a few miles or we'll never get them off. Nevertheless, I am excited in a nervous kind of way!!! B r e a t h e . . . . . . . . . .


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