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Wimpy Training Ride

Originally posted November 19, 2009 ~


I woke up yesterday morning horribly dizzy which happens on occasion but I needed to do another conditioning ride with Ali'i. Since I was going very slow, I decided to take some pictures with my little camera. Ali'i was a little fussy yesterday, as I'm thinking he's thinking he just got back from this place the night before. I take a lesson with Janine every week and we'd done the hill 3x's and his heart rate is starting to come down, so the work is paying off. I'm whining about a little dizziness and on Sunday Janine was run over by a client horse in the trailer and was still out that day training. The front and backs of her legs and a foot were trampled on. We happened to be out at the same time, so I got to see the damage. Were her legs broken? No, but that would have been really cool. Still out working with broken legs ~ crazy are people?  Anyway, yesterday I think Ali'i was taking advantage of me fumbling around. He wasn't bad, because he's not a bad horse, but just little stuff he was less patient with. Anyway, we only did the hill once and I was done.


Here is the start of our training. It's a total of 8 miles, down, then up, then down, then up, then down, then all the way up and back to the trailer. Ali'i's butt is very handsome!!!


Here is my little baby boy with a big snack in his mouth. Somehow the bit didn't make it in his mouth which I noticed later at the bottom of the hill. I just was all stupid yesterday.

Anyway, we walk the horses down off their backs to save their legs (and it's probably safer for iron-shod horses as it's steep in places and a gravel road) then we ride them up at a nice slow trot.


Now tell me, does this look like a mountain lion wanting for us to ride by for a big snack?? This is what I saw several weeks back when I was riding alone in the late afternoon. Just about made me pass out! Even Janine mentions it now when we see it.


Look at him. "We're training for what race next July??????"
T keeps telling Ali'i he's going to hide him a month before......


This is another trail across the river (you can see the zig zag trail) that goes to Cool. Janine said she loved riding that trail as part of a conditioning ride, but asked me how we were going to get across. (Apparently several years ago the river used to be diverted thru a tunnel at the bottom and you could just ride across the canyon without going into the river.) I looked at her kinda surprised because I've gone across with Ali'i a few times wading thru the river. I must either be really brave or really stupid but I thought it was a no-brainer. She said she'd try it with me soon. She figured if little Ali'i could do it and we weren't swimming, it would be ok for her big arabians.


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