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Little Khemali'i In School

Originally posted July 23, 2009 ~

I went to watch Ali'i get ridden at Janine's today. These pictures aren't the best, as I was shooting into the shade, but they are still bloggable. Look at his fluffy little legs! I love that about him. He's kinda like a mini draft horse!

He's dropping his head nicely and rounding his back. She's very pleased with him and comments a whole bunch on how smart he is. (Aaaawwwwhhhhhhhh.....Smart Ali'i!) I find him very easy to do stuff with, as he doesn't stress too much about new things. We like to think it's the Khemosabi horses that are so exceptional.
Ali'i's gotten very light in the mouth though most of the time I rode him in a halter so we didn't have too much bad bit training. He's also learning a nice fast walk and different speeds of trot and to stay in them consistently.
He's still barefoot and worst case scenario is I glue on Renegades or the EasyBoot Gloves, so Janine doesn't have to mess with boots when she starts taking him out on the trail. She's an ironshoeaholic (oh ~ did I say that?), but she has said he's got pretty feet and is staying sound (duh.....). Anyway, he's only got one more month and then we're done. So maybe we can do boots for only a couple of weeks.
It's fun to watch my horse get ridden by someone who knows how to ride. It's kinda like watching your dog get shown by someone else who does a great job. I never get to see those things. I also don't think I've ever seen Janine wear any other type of riding gear. I haven't seen her in the winter, but something tells me she rides in shorts even in the freezing cold. (I'll let you know!) She's also got this saddle that looks like it's been thru about 10,000 rides and more than a few bucking fits. (This is not the one she rides on the trail). I guess if the parts are still good, why get a new one.


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