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Ali'i's Hind Legs Are So Clean They Hurt My Eyeballs!

Originally posted January 18, 2010 ~


This photo was taken a couple of days ago before the rain started. I couldn't stand how dirty he was, especially his cute hind legs, so he had a rinse of the ol' body and got washed with soap on his white legs and main & tail.  

It's been pouring here, so no riding for awhile. I must be some kind of a freakazoid because the more it rains, the harder and longer (days) it stays dark with clouds, I LOVE it!! But, it is hard to go out and ride. Today Ali'i ran across the pasture 3 or 4 times as fast as he could. So at least he's trying to stay in condition. I don't know what got up his big muscley butt, but it was really fun to watch. It's getting closer.....Tevis. Janine is scaring the shit out of me about the start (I'm already naturally scared), but my friend Julie did say it's probably a good thing, so when it happens, maybe it won't be so scary. (But tell me what isn't scary about taking off with 250 horses in the dark galloping and trotting downhill for miles?????)


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